Auckland Company Lawyer Shareholder Agreements Protection

How To Find An Auckland Company Lawyer For Shareholder Agreements


Company lawyer AucklandIf you own part of a local Auckland business, and you need to work on shareholder agreements, you may need to find an Auckland company lawyer for Shareholder Agreements that can help you with this type of situation. It’s difficult to navigate the confusing world of agreements, let alone shareholder agreements, that pertain to how much your investors are going to earn. Lawyers are sometimes brought in for this purpose in order to determine how much the shareholder should get based upon the profits of the company. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you will certainly want to find a law firm that specializes in creating and distributing shareholder agreements.


What Do Shareholder Agreements Represent?


Shareholder agreements are not that difficult to understand. They have basic information that anyone can read and comprehend. This will include a date, the represented number of shares, the  people they have been issued, capitalisation information along with outlining the shareholders and what percentage of the company that they own. It can also include details about who has priority with an option to buy in case a shareholder wants to sell their shares.  For example, are the other Directors going to be happy if someone wants to sell their shares to a child or a spouse?

However, when there are problems with the company, roles, obligations and authority come under dispute. That’s why you would need an Auckland company lawyer for Shareholder Agreements that can help you sort out these problems and provide the shareholders with suitable documents before it becomes a problem.


How To Find Shareholder Agreement Lawyer


Lawyers that represent their business clients, and the individual shareholders, can be found in a matter of minutes. These are law firms that you can find online and you can contact them either by email or by phone. It is advantageous to look at the reviews they have received from other clients they have had. If there is a lot of positive feedback, you may want to work with that business. However, few people post reviews about lawyers so if you only see a small number, don’t be put off. Choosing a law firm also has to do with how long they have been writing shareholder agreements and the advice they can offer to make your business-owning life easier.


Choosing The Best Auckland Company Lawyer Is Not Easy


Auckland company lawyer

The best shareholder agreement lawyers may have outstanding feedback but this is not often visible. You are more likely to get good feedback from other business owners. The really good ones tend to charge more, but if you want to have a solid, water-tight Shareholder Agreement as quickly as possible, it can be worth paying the extra compared to a cheap option. Value does not equal price.


You may want to speak with other people that you know that have recently used a shareholder agreement lawyer that has done great work for them.

Often the choice comes down to personal feelings. Do you think this lawyer understands you? Do you gel with them? Relationships like this are as important as the document itself. A lawyer that you feel comfortable with is more likely to understand your won position and can then draw- -up a Shareholder Agreement that works for you and your business partners.

One other thing to consider is how many lawyers the firm has that are experienced in writing Shareholder Agreements. If it is a small firm, they may not have capacity to respond quickly. Big law firms may not value your business so look for a medium-sized law firm in Auckland to help you.

Once you have made your choice, you will know that you are doing the right thing by retaining the shareholder agreement lawyer with. This is how you will know that your problems will be resolved by this lawyer that understands how to create, assess, distribute these agreements. If you are having problems right now with your current lawyer, it might be time to find a new one. Follow the simple recommendations to choose an Auckland shareholder agreement lawyer that is well-versed in the world of sometimes confused shareholder agreement issues.


If you need an Auckland shareholder agreement lawyer, McVeagh Fleming can help. They have plenty of experience in this area and have a good-sized team who can support your needs.